8Bitdo's Fully Customizable Switch Gamepad Is Up For Preorder

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Preorder 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+
Preorder 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+
Photo: 8Bitdo

In just a few short years, 8Bitdo has become one of the most beloved third party controller manufacturers in this post-Mad Catz world, and now, their latest SN30 Pro+ gamepad is up for preorder.

It may evoke the SNES gamepads of yore, but the SN30 Pro is anything but old fashioned. It features a modern palm grips, dual analog sticks, four shoulder buttons, a 6-axis gyro sensor, and vibration, so you won’t feel like you’re missing anything by not using an official Nintendo gamepad. But what really sets the SN30 Pro+ apart is its customization options. You can remap buttons, adjust the vibration intensity, program macros, and even adjust your shoulder button and control stick sensitivity by plugging it into a computer.

And in addition to pairing to your Switch, you can also use the SN30 Pro+ with any PC, Mac, Linux system, and select Android phones. Basically, it seems like a stand-in replacement for Nintendo’s official Switch Pro controller, but with more features, wider compatibility, and better looks...for less money. Preorder any of the three color schemes for $50 to get it when it launches in a few weeks.