11 Unique and Adorable Succulents Delivered Right to Your Door for $21

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11 Pack of Two-Inch Tall Succulents | $21 | Amazon

It’s nice having a few plants in your home. They bring a little cheer, life, and can brighten a small space. Today take 20% off this pack of eleven two-inch tall succulents from Costa Farms. You’ll see the discount applied at checkout.

Succulents are easy to take care of and with this many, they also make great gifts if you find an adorable decorative pot to transport them in. They make the perfect decoration for windowsills as I have them in my bedroom. Each succulent is unique in size, color, and texture. They ship in lightweight grower’s pots made from a 100% recyclable material. Costa Farms plants are grown in premium soil to ensure healthy happy plants upon delivery. Get in touch with your inner Earth Momma or Plant Daddy and fill your space with delightful green for a few dollars less.

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