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Your Emergency Kit and Camp Gear Needs Some Instafire

Instafire Eco-Friendly Granulated Fire Starter
Instafire Eco-Friendly Granulated Fire Starter
Image: Instafire

These little eco-friendly and clean-burning Instafire granules will start any fire that needs starting, especially the ones you absolutely NEED to start.

I don’t believe for a moment that you should start all your fires with Instafire products. A chimney starter works great for charcoal, and a well-prepared firewood structure starts a solid campfire. Unfortunately we don’t always have the luxury of equipment, patience, or favorable conditions when things need to get hot in a hurry.

Enter Instafire.


Instafire granules are available in a few convenient variants: lightable packets for charcoal, pourable packets and bulk containers for wood fires, and even a military grade version that’s wind resistant. I used each variant and all simply worked for their typical given applications - fast, as promised, without fail. So I quickly moved on to less-than-favorable conditions.

Instafire continued to perform without fail. Wet charcoal took four to five minutes longer to get cook-ready. Wet firewood performed similarly to the wet charcoal. A leaf-blower couldn’t stifle the military-grade granules until I got close enough to simulate far more than 30 MPH winds and scatter flaming clusters of granules around my fire pit and yard (I was going to burn that brush pile anyway).

I’m a legit, card-carrying Eagle Scout. Starting a fire, be it in a grill or in a pit, is a task I am proficient at. I take pride in it. Sometimes I even enjoy taking the time to collect dry wood, build a proper stack, and source or create tinder. Sometimes it is 6AM, I’m dew covered in a damp campsite, and I absolutely need to get a fire going right now for coffee and sustenance. For those times, and if I ever find myself in a truly dire situation, Instafire will be my flame savior.

Beyond working better, faster, and in more conditions than my former favorite paraffin fire starters, Instafire granules have a 30-year shelf life, are eco-friendly, food safe, and burn up to 1000°F. This makes them perfect to buy and forget about about until you need them. Just $20 for a mixed pack of 12, they won’t break the bank either.

Contributor and Researcher, Kinja Deals at the Inventory

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