You Can Finally Order Amazon's Clever Echo Wall Clock

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Of all the Alexa gadgets that Amazon announced back in September, the Echo Wall Clock seemed like the most universally practical (with apologies to the AmazonBasics microwave), and now, you can finally order one for $30 after nearly three months of delays.

My order is on the way, and I’ll post my impressions after I try it, but the gist is that it’s a standard (if a bit boring looking) analog wall clock, but with LED tick marks around the outer edge that denote the time remaining on your Alexa timers. Anyone who’s ever asked Alexa to set a kitchen timer to knows how awful the Alexa app is for quickly checking in your timers, so this promises to be a much more elegant solution.


It’s already slightly backordered to after Christmas, so you may want to order quickly if you want to get it any time soon.