Whiten Your Teeth In 2018 For A Few Bucks Less Than Usual

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Let’s all assume you already upgraded your toothbrush, so what’s the next step to whiter teeth? Well, judging by the thousands of Whitestrips have readers have purchased over the years, I might start there. These are the Professional Effects strips which means they’re a little stronger than the typical whitening strips, claiming to remove 14 years of stains (for comparison, the Glamorous White strips only claim to remove 10 years).

This 20-pack box is almost always sells for $44 (save for a one-day Black Friday deal that brought it down to $30), but a $5 coupon on the page means you can get it for $39. And on top of that, you get two 1-hour express whitening strips to ramp up the whitening process.