What's Your Favorite Travel Rewards Credit Card?

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Photo: Markus Spiske (Unsplash)

Our readers have weighed in on their favorite hotel and airline-branded credit cards over the past few weeks, but what about for travelers who aren’t loyal to a particular company? For those hotel and airline free agents (and I count myself among them), a travel rewards card that lets you use your points for a variety of travel experiences might make the most sense.

Every rewards ecosystem has its merits, but this week, we’re looking for our readers’ favorite. So check out the rules, pack your bags, and fly on down to the comments to nominate your pick.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific travel rewards credit card, why you think it’s the best, and an image.

2) Your card should not be specific to a single airline or hotel chain.

3) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.

4) Please do not duplicate nominations.