Wake Up Because Link's Awakening Is Only $36

Save $24 on this beautiful, tilt-shift remake of the 1993 classic.

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening [Digital Code] | $36 | Amazon

Link has gone through several redesigns throughout the years—both in part to optimize the character for the platform he is on as well as just to shake things up. The Link’s Awakening remake for Nintendo Switch might be my favorite yet. Originally being a Game Boy game, Link had a small body, big head, chibi art style that fit the handheld’s capabilities. For the remake, Nintendo retained the spirit of the original—keeping him small and cute. Just look at this guy! The whole game maintains a sort of tilt-shift filter to feel as though the character and world are exceptionally small. The game was fantastic in 1993 and it’s still fantastic now. Plus, you can get it for just $36.