The Best Deals For February 18, 2015

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Upgrade your headphones, then check out the rest of today's deals.

Top Deals

You're not going to be playing Crysis on this thing, but if you want a basic home theater PC, you won't find a better deal. [ASUS EeeBox Desktop, $80 after $50 rebate]

If you're still using the terrible earbuds that came with your phone, it's past time for an upgrade. Luckily, the web is littered with great headphone deals today, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

First up, Amazon's offering Audio Technica'a ATH-M50x headphones for $129, matching an all-time low. This is the detachable cable variant of the venerable ATH-M50s that you voted as one of your favorite pairs of headphones on Lifehacker, and which can be seen on many a head throughout the Gawker offices. [Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, $129]

If you like the look of the M50s, but don't want to spend quite so much, you can opt for the lower-end ATH-M40x for $79, or the ATH-M30x for $55. Note that you'll have to choose Amazing Deals Online as the Amazon seller for both of those deals (the links should send you to the right place, but double check), and use promo code ATH20OFF.

Want to go wireless? Jabra's Revo Bluetooth headphones have great reviews around the web, and Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo said they sounded about the same as the excellent Jabra Move Wireless, but with better build quality and ear cup controls. You can score a pair for $90 today, which is 55% off retail, and about $30-$50 off their usual selling price. [Jabra Revo Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, $90]

If you're going to keep a pair of earbuds around as a backup, you'll want something to keep them organized. This ought to do the job. [Quirky Wrapster POP Headphone Cord Manager, $1]

If you're still wrestling with a cheap Inkjet at home, treat yourself to this reliable, toner-sipping Brother laser printer. It won't print in color, but it'll do everything else better. [Brother HL-L2340DW Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer, $70]

Look upon ye mighty and despair. [Glorious Extended White XXL Large 36"x11" Gaming Mouse Pad, $20]

We see 10% discounts on PSN gift cards from time to time, but 20% is extremely rare. Grab it while you can. [$50 PlayStation Network Gift Card, $40]

Update: Sold out

Need something to spend it on? Sony just kicked off a huge Critics' Choice sale with great deals on a variety of digital games. Head over here for the full list.

This is one of the best prices we've seen on a 60Hz 4K display. Just make sure your graphics card can handle it. [Acer 28-Inch 2ms 4K MHL LED LCD Monitor w/ Built-in Speakers, $380]

Even if you don't own an Xbox 360, its gamepad is still arguably the best you can buy for PC gaming. [Microsoft Xbox 360 / PC Wired USB Controller, $27]

Do you still use a tape measure, like some kind of caveman? In addition to measuring up to 165' with 1/16" accuracy, this Bosch laser distance measurer can calculate area, volume, indirect length, and more. [Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-Feet Range and Backlit Display, $88]

PS4 deals aren't particularly rare anymore, but we've found two today that are better than average.

First up, Newegg is unloading bare consoles on eBay for $350, with no tax for most buyers. Unfortunately, they don't seem to come with the now-standard The Last of Us Remastered download codes, but we see them often enough for ~$20 that it's not a huge deal. [PlayStation 4 Console, $350]

If you want some added accessories, GameStop is selling the console, The Last of Us, a year of PlayStation Plus, and a PlayStation TV for $450 today. Buying all of that gear separately would usually cost north of $520, so this is a great chance to save if you want all of it anyway. [PS4 + The Last of Us + 1 Year of Plus + PlayStation TV, $450]

Whiplash was my second favorite movie of 2014 (behind Boyhood), and you can save a few bucks on the Blu-ray if you preorder. [preorder Whiplash, $17]

Here's what Will Leitch had to say about it on The Concourse:

Sure, the plot machinations that lead to the last scenes are implausible and a bit of a cheat. But so what? With a payoff like this, it's churlish to complain. This is a riveting, electrifying film about an obsessive drummer (Miles Teller) being pushed by a demanding music teacher (J.K. Simmons, in a role that's about to win him an Oscar) who makes R. Lee Ermey look like Mr. Holland's Opus, but it's also a thoughtful, fascinating reflection on the costs of genius ... and whether genius just happens, or whether it must be jolted into existence. I am sure no jazz school is actually like this—and thank heavens for that—but this isn't just about jazz, of course: This is about how we push ourselves, how others push us, and if any of that ends up mattering at all. And boy, that ending: You'll leave the theater in a dead sprint, looking for someone to tackle.

Even at full price, Metro Redux is pure value. You get both remastered Metro games, plus all of their DLC, remastered for the new generation of consoles. For $25, why not? [Metro Redux, $25]





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