Add Smart Lighting To Your Dumb Home On the Cheap, Today Only

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Lighting is one of the easiest "smart" upgrades you can make to your home, and Home Depot is having a one-day deal on the gear you'll need to get started.

First up, you can get two GE Link smart LED light bulbs, plus a Wink Hub to control them for $50-$70, depending on the bulbs you choose. I've been using the Wink Hub with some Cree Connected bulbs for about a month now, and it makes it delightfully easy to schedule when lights go on and off, and control them from my phone on a whim. Plus, the Wink will be able to integrate most other smart appliances that you add to your home in the years to come, including locks, thermostats, and even window blinds.

If you're happy with your bulbs, another option is the WeMo light switch, marked down to $38 today. If it wasn't already obvious, this is a smart replacement for your existing light switch that allows you to schedule your lights, control them from your phone, and even tie them to IFTTT recipes. The WeMo platform is basically self-contained; it won't integrate with other brands like the Wink, but this is an easy solution if you have a specific lighting fixture in mind. [Home Depot]

Update: If you purchase $100 in smart home gadgets from Wink directly, you'll get the Hub for free. Depending on how many bulbs (or other gadgets) you want, that may end up being a better deal. [Wink]

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