Get Your Beauty Rest With 77% Off This MorningSave Sleep Set

Snag a silky soft sleep set for you and a friend for just $14

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2-Pack: Revive 3-Piece Satin Sleep Set | $14 | MorningSave
2-Pack: Revive 3-Piece Satin Sleep Set | $14 | MorningSave
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

2-Pack: Revive 3-Piece Satin Sleep Set | $14 | MorningSave

If you’re in need of some beauty rest, MorningSave has a deal on this lovely Saturday you should check out.

Keep your hair out of your face, light out of your eyes, and your skin moisturized while you sleep with a Revive 3-piece satin sleep set. The satin of the scrunchie and pillowcase prevent hair breakage, and it’s supposed to help your skin retain moisture as well as prevent creases that reveal you’ve been taking a snooze. Plus, you can get a 2-pack of these sleep sets for just $14 right now— maybe give the other to a friend or your partner! Or just keep it on hand in case you need a quick gift. As long as they have long hair (a lot of people) and sleep (all people) you’re golden!

This set comes in your choice of silver, black, ivory, or pink.

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