Tone Those Legs While You WFH With 52% off a Lifepro Flexstride Pedal Exerciser

Make everything from watching TV on the couch to checking your email more active for $129 today

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Lifepro Flexstride Pedal Exerciser | $129 | MorningSave
Lifepro Flexstride Pedal Exerciser | $129 | MorningSave
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Lifepro Flexstride Pedal Exerciser | $129 | MorningSave

For a lot of us, we’ve been working at home for the last who-even-knows-how-long-anymore? For a good portion of us, we won’t be going back to the office anytime soon— either because we worked from home well before the pandemic (hello, fellow freelancers!) or because some of us have flat-out refused to return to the office to the point of quitting if necessary (hello, badasses).

Whatever way you got there, if you’re working from home and wanting to keep active while doing it, we’ve got a lovely deal for you today.

This Lifepro Flexstride pedal exerciser is 52% off over at MorningSave right now. It has a handle and weighs less than 27 lbs, so you can easily take it with you whether you want to use it in the office or in your home gym.

You can even customize your workout routine with the Lifepro Flexstride pedal exerciser by choosing from eight resistance levels, so you can calibrate it to suit your needs— whether you want to work on your core strength while sitting at the couch or improve your circulation, flexibility, and muscle tone while checking email.

You can track progress easily with the backlit LCD display as an added bonus! This is a nice feature for motivating you to improve each day. Grab this $129 deal while it’s still good— it will be gone tomorrow!

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