This Ultra-Strong Pool Skimmer Is $28 Down From $45

Double-layer nylon mesh lets you scoop up leaves with ease.

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This ultra-strong, double-layered pool skimmer is only $28.
This ultra-strong, double-layered pool skimmer is only $28.
Graphic: Erin O’Brien

Congrats on that pool in your backyard: your family’s pride and joy. Each season you make sure it’s in tip-top shape. That old skimmer you’ve had for a decade? It has probably weakened with age. Pop that crappy net off and replace it with this ultra-strong pool net—currently only $28 at Amazon.

Sepetrel Professional Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Net | $28 | 39% Off | Amazon

Double-layer nylon mesh helps you scoop the most scummy stuff with ease. Plus, that net is deeeeeeeep—nothing will escape from your fell scoop. It’s also designed with a “lip” that helps scoop the bottom of the pool, almost as if you’re using a dustpan. Trust us—this net’s a total upgrade.