This Tiny Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Is 53% Off Today

This tiny little thing has a surprisingly deep sound.

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Look at it; it’s adorable, all tiny things are.
Look at it; it’s adorable, all tiny things are.
Image: Jason Coles

There are people out there who really want an adorable tiny Bluetooth speaker, and if you’re one of those people, then today is your day, because this EWA Mini Bluetooth Speake is 53% off at just $19. This speaker is less than two inches tall, is light and easy to carry, can pair with loads of devices, and has up to eight hours of charge time to boot.

EWA Mini Bluetooth Speaker | $19 | 53% Off

The EWA Mini Bluetooth Speaker is proof that small things are nearly always good. Babies? Adorable. Kittens? Cute as a button! Buttons? Cute as a kitten! You get the idea. Just don’t put it down when it’s off or you’ll likely lose it forever.