This SunTouch Programmable Thermostat is 40% off

Save $99 on a touchscreen thermostat to control your heated flooring.

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3.5" touchscreen display.
3.5" touchscreen display.
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Ensure your home stays at the exact temperature that is comfortable to you. Electric floor heating can make your world so much better. Step out of the shower to a warm bathroom tile floor. Keep the shovels in the garage this winter with the help of a heated driveway. You see the potential here. The programmable thermostat makes it easy to set any room to your desired temperature with its 3.5" digital touchscreen.

SunTouch Programmable Thermostat | $151 | Amazon

The SunTouch thermostat is currently 40% off at Amazon. That brings the price down from $250 to just $151.