This Portable Monitor Extender for Your Laptop Will Triple Your Screen Space for 27% off

Save $80 on a portable monitor attachment to your laptop.

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The triple monitor hooked up to a laptop.
The triple monitor hooked up to a laptop.
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

As someone who works from home, I have the flexibility to take my laptop and just work from anywhere. I rarely do though because I feel ways less productive without my multi-monitor setup. This portable monitor changes everything. The dual monitor extender will triple your laptop’s workspace. Each monitor is 12" and the setup is compatible with most laptops that are 13" to 16" in size. Connect via USB-C, or HDMI to make use of these two 1080p screens. The display attachment even has a kickstand.

Portable Monitor for Laptop | $320 | Amazon

Right now, you can get the laptop screen extender for 27% off—bringing the price down from $440 to $320.