This Palm-Sized Stanley Laser Measure Recharges Over USB

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It’s almost 2018 and nine-volt batteries still exist. Here’s some respite.

We post a ton of fun and frequently legitimately useful impulse-priced tools over on Kinja Deals, but they tend to require the abhorred nine-volt battery, which accounted for less than 5% of battery sales even back in 2007 (according to Wikipedia, which I trust more than enough to help me hate on nine-volt batteries).

The Stanley Pocket Laser Distance Measurer, which has an MSRP of $20, recharges over USB, and is a little bigger than a LEGO minifig. The Stanley isn’t as fully featured as products multiple times its size and price, but for most people it’s more than enough, and will live in the kitchen drawer rather than the toolbox.