This Mini Projector for $30 off Can Fit In Your Backpack

Take movie night to the next level by bringing along a mini projector.

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Mini Projector | $140 | Amazon
Mini Projector | $140 | Amazon

Mini Projector | $140 | Amazon

A mini projector is an underrated gadget to have. It’s great for nights outside with some company over or for displaying on a nice big wall inside your home. Just set it up against the side of the house and play one of your favorite movies or shows. Whether it’s set up in a room as a permanent fixture as a TV alternative or only taken out for certain occasions, it’s always a treat to bring “the big screen” to your own home. This mini projector supports native 1080p and can decode 4K. It’s also just $140 after clipping the coupon on the item page.