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This Magnetic Knife Strip Will Make Your Tiny Rental Kitchen Feel Like a 5-Star Restaurant

I live in an apartment with three roommates (living in New York City in your twenties is so glamorous), all of whom regularly use the kitchen. As is the case with many city apartments, we have minimal counter space that becomes even more precious at dinnertime, so only a few tools, like our coffee grinder, have a permanent lease on the countertop. Thanks to this sexy minimalist magnetic knife strip, an ugly knife block is not one of them.

Knife blocks aren’t just spatially impractical—they’re also terrible for knives. Constant contact with the wood and the simple act of sliding the knife in and out of a slot can lead to dull blades over time. A drawer is another terrible place to store knives. Literally NEVER DO THIS. Unless you’re looking for a surefire way to exact revenge on a roommate who didn’t take out the garbage. Again. Unlike this option, the magnetic strip is safe (its magnet is super strong), and won’t cause premature dulling.

Before you come for me in the comments with a “well, actually” on this note, I will provide this caveat: the magnetic strip is safe for knives if, and only if, you use common sense and gently place the knife on the strip, avoiding direct contact between the sharp edge and the metal.


The strip is easy to install—all you need is a screwdriver or drill to attach it to a wall, or under a cabinet so the knives can hang horizontally. For those in rental kitchens with strict landlords who prohibit screwing stuff into the wall (or, I guess, a college dorm), the strip will also attach securely on a fridge with no extra hardware. I’ve never used it this way, but enthusiastic reviewers report that it works.

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Stocked with only essential knives (a few good chef’s knives, a serrated bread knife and a paring knife or two), the magnetic strip looks sleek and professional above my black trash can. It makes me feel like I’m a chef in a fancy restaurant every time I reach for a knife to chop up hard-boiled eggs for yet another batch of egg salad during rent week.

Just as its Amazon listing suggests, the strip is good for holding more than just knives. It’ll safely hold anything with metal parts. Get a few for space-saving storage of other metal tools like thermometers, spatulas and whisks, and free up space on your countertops and shelves. In a high-tech world filled with obsessively designed paper towel roll holders and cutting boards, this simple kitchen tool is a breath of fresh air.

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