Surprise, surprise; people have strong opinions about toilet paper. Your three most-nominated brands are listed below, but only one can wipe away the competition. Be sure to vote at the bottom of the post.

Charmin Ultra Strong

Charmin Ultra Strong. It holds up really well, doesn’t pill, and the roll lasts a long time since you don’t use as much. - Spruce Goosed

Best by a mile. Almost feel like you can get it a little wet and use it as a baby wipe. Also, I never use more than 3 or 4 squares at a pull. - MikeofLA

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare

Purple Cottonelle (why do they even make the blue kind?).

Thick, soft, and doesn’t get shredded by aggressive wiping like Charmin (or leave as many dingleberries) - Incidental Nostril Penetration

This is the best. But I miss the Golden Retriever puppy on the packaging. Wiping your ass with the puppy toilet paper was much nicer than using the bear toilet paper. - scottmill

Scott 1000

Scotts 1000. Cheap, durable, super economical especially if someone in your household is a “has to take at least 10 sheets out of habit” type, doesn’t clog, really, and cleans the shit out of whatever’s ailin’ you. Available from single roll to multi-thousand packs, or so it seems.

Yes, you can do more with less from other brands (sheet-wise) but at what cost? At what cost. - notsomethingstructural