These Are the Three Best Pillows

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After a brutal pillow fight in the comments of our nomination post, we’ve narrowed this week’s Co-Op down to the final three pillows. Check out what our readers had to say below, and remember to vote on the bottom of the post. Don’t sleep on it too long though; voting closes on Friday.

Xtreme Comfort Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Have several of these... Wonderful pillow!!! - Spanky60

I think I have that. That’s the one that’s full of memory foam noodles that you can add or subtract ‘til it’s the perfect density, right?

Best pillow in the world. The only drawback is keeping my pets from stealing the noodles when I’m adjusting the pillow. - CindyLouCthulhu


My Pillow

Yep. I used to buy a new pillow four or five times a year. Then I got MyPillow three years ago. Haven’t bought a new one since. - Pinche Gringo

Absolutely agree with My Pillow. Was skeptical when hearing the cheesy commercials on XM radio (and now TV), but my wife gave in and bought one. Within two weeks, nightly neck pain that she’d had for years was gone. Going on three years with the pillow... and not an ounce of neck pain since. After she had it six months, I tried it... and it also got rid of my neck pain. We were very close to spending a large chunk of change on a new mattress... but My Pillow changed that! Now, my wife and I joke about the commercials... “just throw it in the wash like your favorite pair of jeans!” - triggerx



The Tempur-Pedic Symphony pillow! I love this thing so much I take mine to hotels.

It has a slightly convex side and a slightly concave side so you can flip it to whichever is most comfortable. It also fits well in a standard pillowcase unlike some of the stranger pillow shapes. The foam really has a good density that allows you to sink in while still offering good support. I’ve had mine nearly eight years now and it hasn’t broken down or lost its firmness. - Kay Mariev

This. On my back, I sleep on the concave side; on my side, I sleep on the flat side so my shoulder tucks into the nook on the concave side. Best pillow I have ever slept on. - ItinStin