Your Top Three Picks For Best Dash Cam

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Fortunately, there was no pileup in the nomination round for your favorite dash cam; three models clearly raced ahead of the pack, but now, it’s time to pick just one. Check out the finalists below, and don’t forget to vote at the end of the post.

Black Box G1W-C


Been using a G1WC for over a year without any issues. It’s a fairly basic camera for the money, only on when the car is on, but has good video output and has a easy to use interface with a screen....I know there are better options out there, but a $50 impulse buy is cheap security compared to a $300+ option. Does what it needs to and helped me during my accident in October. Win in my book. - Viperfan1

Hands down the best sub-$75 dash cam. Withstands Texas Summer’s of 60+ straight days of 100+ degree weather. It’s the main reason I went with the capacitor version. I’ve had zero issues with this unit so far. - DVSAZN

Blackvue DR650GW-2CH

Best possible dashcam money can buy. It’s not cheap, but after months of homework I landed on this. It is so well made, easy to use/install, has the best night vision, and 1080P front and 720P rear cam. Video is simply amazing crisp and clear. No dithering while driving at speed. Has every feature possible on a Cam system. New versions can even upload to the cloud via your phone.

Installation is almost invisible in my Car. If I don’t point it out, passengers don’t know it’s there. - Dice


Street Guardian SG9665GC (V2)

This is just an all-around awesome dash cam. Tons went into the development of this unit and it is continually updated as requests for new software are explored. Follow this link for tons of info on the it. Jokiin (from Street Guardian) is extremely active in answering questions/concerns. Combined with PIER28's presence in the U.S. and I have complete peace of mind.

As for the unit itself, it has basically all the features you want. Biggest for me was it had to be capacitor-based and the firmware/software integration needed to be seamless. It’s everything I wanted. Been running it every day since it was released with not one single issue. Picture is AMAZING, sound is amazing, GPS unit is awesome. Did I mention it is super discrete?! It’s the whole package. - DriveItLikeYouOwnIt