These Are The Three Best Chef's Knives, According To You

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After reading through the dozens of nominations, we’ve chopped down the competition to the top three best chef’s knives. It’s the reigning champ, the Wusthof Classic, against the best-selling Victorinox Fibrox, against the newcomer, the Global G-2 knife. Check out all the nominees below and cast your vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

For any budget, it’s the Fibrox 8" Chef. Frequently around $30, keeps an edge much better than you’d expect for a $30 knife. I like my Wusthofs, Globals, Shuns andKiwis; but I keep going back to the Fibrox. It’s comfortable, well balanced and cheap enough that you should buy two of them, and alternate usage to keep those blades sharper longer. - Carl

The Victorinox Fibrox knife is amazing. It keeps an edge excellently. It can go head to head with much more expensive knives and still come out ahead. The 8" model is currently a little over $40 on Amazon, but if you don’t mind losing half an inch, the 7.5" model will run you under $30. - Brent


Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife

Wusthof Classic. Because it is a softer steel, it does not retain the edge as well as some, but it makes up for that by (a) being much easier to sharpen, and (b) being very hard to chip. The squarish wooden handle also doesn’t slip, which is important when doing a lot of cutting, including slippery stuff. - Venus Zippertrap

Absolutely this. Even though the blade is thicker, you can get it more than plenty sharp to thinly slice things - and if they need to be real thin, I prefer a mandoline anyway, for consistency.

Our whole knife block (which, of course, is Wusthof-branded) is Wusthof Classics - albeit ones we’ve purchased (three of them were gifts from our wedding) separately ourselves. We did this because the blocks generally come with shorter carving and bread knives, and we wanted the 10" model of each, since that gives you far more ability than the 8" knives. - MP81


Bonus shoutout for Wustof Ikon, which many of you mentioned is the same knife but with a more ergonomic handle.


Global G-2 Chef’s Knife

Just dried ours; couldn’t agree more. Matching paring knife and smaller santoku knife are also money. Best gift we’ve received to my memory. - IWouldAddai4U

This is what I have and it’s super light, easy to handle and very easy to sharpen with the little water stone wheel.- faaipdeoiad

One of my globals is about 18 years old I think ? Still great and working like a champ. - Chadsmo