These Are the Five Best No-Annual-Fee Credit Cards, According to You

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Everyone made their points clear in this week’s Co-Op, but once everything settled, these were our readers’ favorite no-annual fee cards. Check out what everyone had to say, then don’t forget to vote at the end of the post.

Citi Double Cash

The Citi Double Cash earns 2% back on all purchases, with no caps or category restrictions. You’ll earn half of that cash back when you use the card to pay for something, and the other half when you pay it off.

I use this card for almost everything! It racks up points so fast! Any bills that allow me to pay with a credit card get put on this. I even bought a car and put part of my down payment on it. They had a $2500 max, but that was an instant 50 bucks! - SKiTz 

Citi DoubleCash. No fee, and assuming you pay it off regularly you make 2% back - about twice as much cash back as similar cards - Kerblam

The simplicity is also key. If you don’t want to keep track of which buying category gets you the most rewards in that specific month (as many cards do), get this card and be done with it. - bigcitrus


Amazon Prime Rewards Visa


This one stretches the definition of no annual fee, since it requires a Prime membership to get 5% back at Amazon and Whole Foods (there’s a 3% version for non-Prime members), but since there’s no additional fee on top of that, and lot of people have Prime memberships regardless, we’ll let it slide. Both also earn 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores.

Chase Amazon Visa. I use it for EVERYTHING. 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods, 2% back on restaurants, gas stations and drug stores. 1% on everything else. My AmEx Optima let’s me acrue Amazon points too. - Corinne Ballard

Amazon Prime Signature Visa, no annual fees for Prime members, lots of benefits, and I average 2-3% every month. - PPGMD


Costco Anywhere Visa

Like the Amazon Visa, the Costco Anywhere Visa this requires a Costco membership, which costs money, but there’s no annual fee on top of that. You’ll earn 4% on gas, 3% on restaurant and travel purchases, 2% on Costo purchases, and 1% on everything else. Points are distributed in the form of an annual Costco award certificate.

Costco Citi VISA Signature. High rebate on most purchases. Also functions as Costco membership card. We get back over $1000 a year. - OldBeigeGuy


Uber Visa

Earn 4% back on dining, 3% on travel, 2% on online purchases, and 1% elsewhere. The Uber Visa also has perks like a $50 annual online subscription credit (think Netflix or Hulu) when you spend $5,000 on the card, inclusive of all purchases.

Uber branded Barclay’s Visa. 4% cash back at restaurants/take out/uber eats. 3% on eligible airfare, hotels and travel agency purchases. 2% back internet purchases including subscriptions like netflix, etc. 2% back on uber rides. $100 off first $500 spent. - KrmtDfrog

Easily the best travel card since it’s also no foreign transaction fees. And pretty much you’re going to be spending most on food and lodging when overseas. - Vash


Chase Freedom Unlimited

The Freedom Unlimited earns 1.5% back on all purchases, with no cap. If you have a Chase Sapphire Card, points can be converted to Ultimate Rewards points, which are more valuable than $.01 each. It pairs well with the Chase Freedom card as well, which earns 5% back on rotating quarterly categories.


Chase Freedom Unlimited but with the caveat that it is paired one of the Sapphirea so UR points are worth more than 1ccp so even at 1.5x earn you’re doing better than a 2% cash back card. - takeshi

Chase Trifecta always wins - Freedom and Freedom Unlimited mixed with a premium card. Yes you need one with an annual fee, but the other two no annual fees easily beat out the non-Chase cards when you combine all your points. - 87ytens


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