Our call for best men’s deodorants contenders resulted in a huge list of nominees. Here are the top five, let’s vote on a winner.

Old Spice

...been a loyal customer for 15+ years I think. The scents change from time to time but the quality of the product is undeniable. I never have to come home and reapply deodorant before going back out. - RunAwayWojo

Dove Men+Care

This is the only deodorant I’ll use. It’s cheap, keeps me fresh all day no matter what I’m doing, doesn’t irritate, and doesn’t make me smell like a teenager (I’m looking at you Old Spice). I actually use the exact same scent you have in the picture. - Vince


Been using this exact stick for the better part of a decade now, and it’s always been my favorite. Not expensive at all, no irritation, and a reasonable/inoffensive odor. - ian

Mitchum Power Gel

This does not irritate the pits. This does not smell like what a pubescent child thinks smells good. This does in fact, smell like hardly anything at all, and the smell it does produce is slight and vaguely manly. Most of all, no matter how much you sweat, this does not allow your stench to leave the greater armpit region for a good 18 hours. - Blackdalf

Speed Stick Regular

THIS. It’s so cheap and perfect and smells nice. I started using it heavily after other deodorants made me break out like crazy on my underarms - dragonduder