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I did not see Ford v Ferrari, but its plot was explained to me (by a man!), and as such, I feel qualified to make the comparison that a side-striped pant is the film’s fashion embodiment, and one you’ll be embracing in 2020.

Let me explain. Usually when you think of a pair of pants with a stripe down the leg, you think tuxedo, right? So, that’s the Ferrari part—sexy, cool, possibly out of your price range.


And when you think of the Ford of pants, you probably think: more traditional. Everyday. Affordable.

Because Ford was dependable but boring until it got that fancy engine, right? Boring in the way pants are kind of boring? You can’t show up to work in your underwear, so you pull on a pair that’s inevitably the most whatever part of your wardrobe and just, like, go live your life.

So then this “regular pants with a stripe down the side” trend comes along, and suddenly your boring Ford pants are a little more Ferrari-like, even if they’re still just regular weekday pants. A side stripe doesn’t turn them into a race car (or formalwear), but that fun lil’ something extra on the side does give your standard date night routine a touch of turbo charge. And, suddenly, your pants aren’t the dullest part of your outfit.

Wow, I think I really nailed that, and definitely didn’t invite an angry swarm of reply guys into my Twitter mentions.

Dockers Alpha Men’s Side Striped Joggers, $40 (on sale)
Graphic: Gabe Carey

I know from meticulously tracking every damn thing our audience clicks on over at Style Girlfriend that men love Dockers. So I’m hoping that by kicking off this list with a pair of the brand’s reassuringly named Alpha khaki pants, you’ll trust that this side-striped trend is supes mainstream for men. Of the style’s two colorways, the chestnut red ironically feels less “showy” than the tan color. If you’re feeling unsure of the look, start there.

If Obama can flash a little ankle, so can you. Try wearing these cropped trousers from Joe’s Jeans the same way the former president wore his ... with fresh white sneakers and a “fits just so around your biceps” polo shirt.


Hubba hubba, I love these Todd Snyder pants so much. I love them like I love our ankle-baring former commander-in-chief’s adherence to governing norms.

Anyway, where was I? Made with premium Italian stretch wool fabric with a piped white stripe on the side seam, the tailored fit on these bad boys means they’ll look as good at the office with a button-down and sport coat as they will with a cozy sweater or sweatshirt on the weekend.


Don’t be surprised that many of these side-striped pants come in a sporty jogger style. The athleisure look takes the stripe from formalwear to something closer to warm-ups you can wear off the court.

In the case of this Aeropostale pair (in a goes-with-everything neutral olive shade), the thick black stripe looks right at home with a gathered ankle and technical fabric. The elastic drawstring waist literally tops it all off.

Express Stretch Side Stripe Dress Pant, $30 (on sale)
Graphic: Gabe Carey

I apologize in advance if you fall in love with these Express dress pants, only to click through to the site to find they’re sold out in your size. They’re on sale, so pickings are a little slim, but also way too stylish not to include in this roundup.

If you’re lucky enough to find a pair that fits, wear them to work with an oxford shirt and thick-soled lace-ups, or you can dress them down on the weekends with a t-shirt and your favorite pair of sneakers.


If these were black instead of navy, you could almost mistake them for tuxedo pants. Which is exactly what makes them perfect for your next dressed-up occasion.


Embellished with a bright yellow stripe down the side, these Saturdays NYC chinos in army green take some confidence to pull off. Try them with a grey pocket tee and your favorite dad sneakers, and give the cuffs a rough roll or two for a more laid-back, less officer inspection-ready look.

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