The 15 Most Popular Products Of 2015, As Purchased By You

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Gawker Media readers have purchased more than 10 million products through links on our sites. Here are the 15 most popular from this year.

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The best deal in tech got multiple unprecedented discounts this year, and we need a guide just to keep track of the ever-expanding benefits.

Purchased by readers number not accurate.

While they lack the build quality and features of more expensive options, you won’t find better price-per-mAh USB battery pack deals than these Kmashis.

Minimal, cheap, effective, and everything is better with magnets.

3. Million. Cable Ties.

The ecosystem of sub-$20 bluetooth headphones ranks in the top five of all-time popularity. These are this year’s most popular variants of the latest models.

The best deal of Black Friday and the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Like I said, everything is better with magnets.

Bias lighting is a great, and in the case of the Antec Bias Light, very cheap way to reduce the eyestrain that can come with looking at a screen in a dark room, while also improving your perception of on-screen blacks and grey.

Clearly, one cannot have enough lightning cables.

You buy a lot of car chargers, but this Aukey model that sits flush in your cigarette lighter while still delivering 4.8A was this year’s most popular.

Anker makes the best external batteries money can buy, and their PowerCore series is keeping thousands of your phones, cameras, and even MacBooks topped off.

The Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is an effective and cost-effective way to get rid of nose hair and more.

The iOttie One Touch won its Kinja Co-Op, and many a spot on your dashboards.

Let’s see so that’s... ~375,000 pieces of Rubbermaid.

Wrapping up our list is a printer you won’t hate, and a whole bunch of you liked enough to buy.