Tell Us About Your Favorite Gaming Gear

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Before we move on to our next Gaming-centric Kinja Co-Op, we’re giving everyone an open forum to share their favorite gaming gear. Mice, keyboards, furniture, third-party controllers, gaming glasses, home theater, tell us what you’ve got, and what you love or hate about it.

As always, this is more fun with links and/or images, so you know, would you kindly and all that.

You are welcome to outline the intricacies of your gaming rig here of course, but know that we will likely dedicate a post to that in the future as well.

Bonus Deal: Today only, for $60, Best Buy is bundling the Logitech G105, G100s, G230, and G420, which are step-down versions of your contenders for favorite Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, and Gaming Headset. The G420 wasn’t one of your Mouse Pad contenders, but hey, can’t win ‘em all. [Best Buy]

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