Sunday's Best Deals: Turkey Fryer, Nonfiction eBooks, Instant Pot Accessories, and More

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A safe turkey fryer, Amazon’s nonfiction eBook sale, the perfect air mattress for any house guest, and more lead Sunday’s best deals.

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Top Tech Deals

Look, not all of us can drop a grand on a phone that gives you perfect selfie and portrait lighting. Instead, why not grab this iPhone 6/7/8 Plus case from LuMee that not only illuminates the world around you for great, high-quality photos, it has lights in the front for the perfect selfie.

Put 64GB of storage in the palm of your hand with this SanDisk Cruzer Glide flash drive. Best Buy has this guy marked down to just $15, which about $4 less than Amazon and worth every penny.

Being away from your pups all day is tough, but you can drop in, say hello, feed them a treat, and even play with then with the Pawbo Pet Camera, now down to an all-time low $110, today only. It’ll even send you a push notification whenever your dogs start barking, which in my case, would make this double as a mail delivery alert system.

Amazon makes sound bars now, because of course they do, and their 2.1 channel, 31.5" model is down to an all-time low $80 right now, from its usual $95. This bar’s integrated subwoofer won’t give you the kind of bass you’d expect from a dedicated subwoofer that sits on the floor, but it’s better than nothing, and makes this system ideal for a bedroom TV where space is a concern.

Your laptop is one of the most expensive things you own, and it deserves to be treated as such. Rather than throwing it roughshod into your bag, slip it into one of PicasoLabs’ beautiful, hand-stitched leather sleeves, now on sale for the first time ever.

Jesus Diaz raved about these and interviewed the creator on Gizmodo a few years ago, and now you can pick your own from Amazon for 15% off with promo code KINJA015, plus $8 if you want it engraved.

There are several options available, and prices will vary depending on the size of your laptop. They’re all designed specifically for various MacBook models, but compare measurements, and you could probably find one to fit your Windows Ultrabook as well. No matter which one you choose, you’ll save 15% at checkout with that promo code. Needless to say, these also make a great gift.

Update: Back up to $90. Sorry!

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Philips Hue smart lighting, but don’t particularly care about dramatic, colorful light shows in your living room, the Hue White starter kit is exactly what you need, and it’s $40 off today.

The kit comes with four bulbs and a Hue Bridge to control them (plus up to 46 other Hue products, so you can add more as time goes on). The lhese bulbs don’t change colors, or even color temperatures, but you can turn them on or off, and dim them from your phone or with a voice assistant. You probably already have at least an Echo Dot lying around by now, and smart lighting is one of the things it does best.

This kit legitimately usually sells for $100, and the Bridge by itself typically costs about $50, so this is a hell of a deal.

Sometimes, I’m still amazed that you can get a 55" TV for $400, let alone one with 4K resolution, HDR10 support (not Dolby Vision at this price, sorry), built-in Roku software, and the ability to use your phone as a remote. This has gotten down to this price a few times in the past, but it usually sells out quickly and goes back to $450.

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’geoblocks), NordVPN charges less per month than a typical trip to Starbucks.

NordVPN has long been one of the most popular and reliable VPN providers out there, and if you sign up for a one-year membership, promo code VIP70 will drop your annual price from $69 to $48. If you’re sure you want to commit, use this link instead to get a special two year plan for $79 with code 2YSpecial2017. Lifehacker has recommended Nord in some previous guides, but if you have any firsthand experience with the service, sound off in the comments!

Top Home Deals

There are air mattresses your overnight guests use out of necessity, and there are air mattresses that might be more comfortable than their bed at home. This is the latter.

The WonderSleep Classic Series air mattress features a built-in pump that can fully inflate the bed in four minutes, a 7 x 5 array of internal columns for added firmness, and 20" of height so your guests don’t feel like they’re sleeping on the floor. Today only, Amazon’s marked it down to $88 as a Gold Box deal, so don’t sleep on it.

Between shedding fur on your seats and a seemingly biological need to jump into the front seat while you’re passing an 18-wheeler on the freeway, it’s no secret that a lot of dogs don’t do particularly well in the car. Personally, I put my dog in a collapsible fabric kennel in the backseat, but if you want your pooch to have a little more freedom, this backseat dog cover looks like a perfect solution.

The cover hooks into the headrests on both the front and back seats, creating a kind of loosely enclosed room that will keep your dog safely in the backseat, and her fur a layer removed from your upholstery. Plus, this one comes with a bonus seatbelt to keep your pet securely in the backseat.

Update: Sold out

Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t have to risk burning down your house to fry a turkey this Thanksgiving. This Butterball electric fryer doesn’t use an open flame to heat the oil, so you can set it up on the counter in your kitchen.

The $87, XL model has never been cheaper, and can accommodate birds up to 20 pounds, or up to five pounds of chicken wings, a large seafood fry, and more. I think I know what you’ll be thankful for once you try it.

The Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo Blender usually sells for $100 but today is just $80 at Best Buy. You can use the larger bowl to puree vegetables, whip up multiple smoothies at once, or make cookie dough. Let’s be honest with our ourselves, probably cookie dough.

If you picked up yesterday’s Instant Pot deal, these accessories will help you do everything you didn’t think you could do. Grab a steamer set, a springform cake pan (yeah, seriously) and some silicone protective gear.

If you want to grind your own coffee beans at home, you could do a lot worse than the Cuisinart DBM-8. It’s affordable, it’s dead simple to use, it includes 18 coarseness settings, and it looks great.

Update: Both of these deals are back in stock, if you missed them on Friday.

Keurigs and drip coffee makers are convenient, sure, but the coffee they produce can’t hold a candle to what you’ll get from these discounted gadgets.

First up, the legendary Aerobie Aeropress is down to $24, an extremely rare discount from its usual $30. Even at full price, it’s easily the cheapest and easiest way to make terrific coffee, and it would make a great gift for any coffee lover. It also has one of history’s all-time great product videos.

While you’re at it, we highly recommend picking up a reusable stainless steel filter to go with your new toy. It’s only $9, and it’ll pay for itself over time.

If, like me, you prefer the smoothness and concentration of cold brew, OXO’s Cold Brew maker is also $10 off today, down to $40. Just add coffee, add water, and walk away. You can read Shane’s review of it on Gear, and also see a video of how it works.

If you don’t own a pressure cooker, today’s a great day to fix that. The newest, pint-sized 3Qt Instant Pot Mini wants a permanent home on your kitchen counter, and it just got its biggest ever discount down to just $52.

Perfectly sized for any apartment, this is also our readers’ favorite slow cooker, and one of their favorite rice cookers too. To put a fine point on it: It’s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own. Even if you already have one, I don’t need to tell you that these make great gifts, and the holidays are just around the corner.

If you need something bigger though, the regular 6 qt. model just dropped to $75, which is actually $5 cheaper than we’ve seen in early Black Friday ads.

Update: The Bluetooth enabled Instant Pot Smart is also down to an all-time low $120.

Everyone and their mother should own a small fire-proof safe to protect important documents and valuables in an emergency, and the popular SentrySafe 500 is down to $20 on Amazon today. That’s about $8-$14 less than usual, and within a few cents of the best price Amazon’s ever listed.

Amazon’s developing and selling their own cleaning products under the Presto! name now, and Prime members can save a bundle on laundry detergent and dish soap, today only. We’re talking over 100 loads of laundry for $12, laundry detergent packs for just $.16 each, and more great savings.

With just a few pumps, the Misto olive oil sprayer can turn your favorite olive oil (or any other cooking oil, for that matter), into an aerosol, making it easy to give salads and meats a quick spritz, or to grease a pan if you run out of cooking spray. I own one of these, and use it all the time.

The compact Ninja Master Prep Professional is one of the more versatile kitchen gadgets you can own, and its back down to $40 today on Amazon, within $1 of an all-time low.

Want to mix up a frozen smoothie? Chop some onions? Puree a few tomatoes? The Ninja is designed for all of that, and includes three different-sized jars and blade sets to handle your disparate kitchen duties. You can’t say that about most blenders.

Babysitting the grill or oven while dinner cooks is nobody’s idea of a good time, but this wireless temperature probe will alert you the moment your food has reached the desired temperature.

That means no more dried out, overcooked meat, and more importantly, no awkwardly taking back your guests’ plates to finish cooking that pink chicken. This $30 set comes with two probes (one to stick into your food, and one to measure the air temperature in your grill or oven) and a 300’ range, which should cover just about any cooking scenario you might encounter. Just be sure to get yours before the deal is picked clean.

If you’re still using the bargain basement nonstick pans you bought in college, it’s time for an upgrade. This 7-piece set has everything you need fo 90+% of food preparation, and with today’s $68 deal, it’s only $17 per piece, not including lids.

All of the pans have an aluminum core in their base to ensure fast and even heating, and though that core doesn’t extend up the sidewalls like you’d see on more expensive pans, you’ll still see a big difference here if you’re used to non-ply pans.

Luminoodle’s big, bright string lights are getting bigger and brighter, and you can save on your favorite size by preordering today.

For starters, the $44 Luminoodle Task USB is 2' long, flexible, magnetic, weatherproof, and puts out 1000 lumens, which is shocking for a USB-powered device.

For $119, you can upgrade to the full-sized Luminoodle Task, which is over twice as long and over three times as bright, but you’ll have to plug it into an AC outlet.

And for the most flexibility of all, $169 gets you a preorder of the Task Link, which is an AC-powered set of three lights that are that you link together to light up an entire room.

All three models are flexible like giant fettuccine noodles, and can stand up to rain, mount to different surfaces in multiple ways, and are controlled by an included remote. Earlybirds are already going fast though, so don’t let the lights go out on these prices.

It might not seem like mission-critical equipment, but there are times when owning a label maker can really come in handy, and you can buy a really good one right now for just $15.

Unlike many cheap label makers, DYMO’s LabelManager 280 can print graphics and barcodes, and also features a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to hunt down any AAs. I have a similar model in my drawer, and while I don’t use it every day, it definitely earns its keep every few months or so. Today’s deal is an all-time low, so grab it while you can, and get labeling.

If you love the idea of magnetic smartphone car mounts, but don’t want to block a precious air vent, this Anker mount uses 3M adhesive to stick to your dash, and the magnet can swivel to any angle you need. This would make a great stocking stuffer, and you can get it for $10 with promo code SELL7149.

Top Lifestyle Deals

I hate doing laundry the right way, aka separating darks and lights and not putting delicates with heavy clothes. But, it’s the right way of doing things. If you’re anything like me, I would invest just $5 in a set of mesh laundry bags that you can use to separate all you need to separate, plus keep your socks together.

Keep 24 ounces of your favorite drink cold (or hot) for up to 24 hours in this $13 bottle. This double-wall, vacuum-insulated bottle is perfect for hiking, or keeping on your desk so you don’t need to get up every 10 minutes to fill a water cup.’s 5-year anniversary sale is on, with hundreds of discounts on various items (including lots of coats and other winter gear), plus free shipping on ALL orders, no minimum purchase required. Even if you’re just buying a single pair of socks or underwear, you should take advantage of that.

Let’s face it, you’re never going to remember to floss regularly. But you just might use the Philips Sonicare AirFloss, which is down to $40 today after you clip the $10 coupon on the product page.

Nose hair is a problem a lot of people have but, for some reason, few people take care of. For a limited time, score this Panasonic nose hair trimmer for just $10, and you can be one of those people doing something about it. Harambe didn’t die so you could look like The Missing Link.

Osprey makes some of the best hiking backpacks out there, and this discounted one would make a great gift for the outdoorsman in your life. $38 is an all-time low, and a substantial discount from its usual $50-$65.

$38Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Backpack, BlackFrom amazonGizmodo Media Group may get a commissionBuy now

“No-iron shirts” have been around for so long that it seems almost ridiculous to buy anything else. Twillory takes that notion one step further by taking that no-iron notion and adding a bespoke feel.

Their holiday deals aren’t officially live yet, but they’re giving our readers early access with the following codes:

  • Two shirts for $89 with code SAVE2 (~$45 per shirt)
  • Four shirts for $169 with code SAVE4 (~$42 per shirt)
  • Five shirts for $199 with code SAVE5 (~$40 per shirt)

Those codes should work with all the shirts they sell, so mix, match, and get creative. Shane reviewed these shirts over on Gear, so head over there to learn about what makes them so great.

Twillory’s SafeCotton is the Non-Iron Shirt You’ve Been Waiting For [Updated]Most non-iron shirts are produced using formaldehyde as the active ingredient. The more you know.Read on gear.​lifehacker.​com

Joe’s New Balance is the premiere online outlet for...New Balance shoes, obviously. Right now, they’re giving you a deal you won’t want to miss. Grab a pair of men’s or women’s 501 Textile casual sneakers for just $35 using the code KINJA501, including shipping. Plus, they have a ton of other footwear and apparel markdowns across the site. Your workout wardrobe will appreciate it.

Another huge sale from Timbuk2 brings a ton of their excellent bags down to hard-to-resist levels. All custom bags (if you didn’t know you could get a custom bag, now you do) are 30% off. Just start with your base bag, whether it’s their Folsom Laptop Backpack, or the ever-popular Classic Messenger Bag. Then hit the customize button and go to town.

Yes, it’s already happening again. Nordstrom Rack has brought back their Clear the Rack sale and it’s full (and I mean FULL) of really incredible deals. Designer clothing, brands you’ve never heard of, everything in clearance an extra 25% off. Today’s the last day, so you have only have today to pick up some discounts.


Amazon’s latest Sunday ebook sale is full of best-of-the-month nonfiction books and memoirs. What months are they talking about? What makes them the best of said months? I have no idea, and they don’t care to explain, but many of the titles are pretty popular. We’ve listed a few below, but head over to Amazon to see the rest.

Hugo and Nebula award-winner The Forever War remains timeless, and you can get a Kindle copy for just $2 today. If you’ve never read it, I really can’t recommend it highly enough, especially if you want to feel like garbage for a few days.

A lot of io9's readers preordered this Die Hard illustrated Christmas book, but if you missed out on the big preorder discounts, it just dropped back down to $10, so now you’re welcome to the party, pal.

Top Gaming Deals

Razer’s Panthera PS4 arcade stick was stuck at its $200 MSRP for about 9 months after release, but now you can get it for an all-time low $172.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Nintendo Switch, you’d better take good care of it. This $8 carrying case has a hard shell, a soft interior, a pocket for accessories, and storage for 10 games.

If you’ve ever stayed up way too late tinkering with virtual cities or perfecting a virtual business’s supply lines, the latest Humble Bundle is for you. This week, you can score up to seven strategy simulation games for as little as $10, including hits like OOTP Baseball, Plague Inc. Evolved, and even Cities Skylines Deluxe. As always, you can pay whatever you want, but certain titles are locked behind higher price tiers.