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Sleep Soundly With Sound+Sleep White Noise Machines For Home And Travel

With the ability to adapt to the ambient noise in your room, naturally recorded non-repeating sounds, and welcome features like USB ports for charging your devices, Sound+Sleep makes a strong case for abandoning your white noise app for a standalone solution.


And when they say “naturally recorded”, they mean it. The “city” soundscape on the Special Edition, for example, has occasional car horns pop in through the hum of the “city” and the sound of tires gliding over pavement. It’s a bizarre experience at first, but ultimately something we came to prefer over canned artificual loops.

Sound+Sleep’s machines’ best feature, by far, is their ability to adapt to whatever ambient noise is plaguing you on a given night, and that doesn’t just mean they get louder. While volume does increase, “richness” is also layered in to cover the noise, not just drown it out with something louder that’s slightly more pleasant. Sound+Sleep’s machines can stand toe to toe with New York City construction, which has begun outside my building at 2am and 7am multiple times this week.

The differences between the Special Edition and the standard model come down to ports you probably don’t need, and some additional sound profiles you probably won’t use, so save some money and grab the standard if you don’t need portability.

If you do want portability, the Mini is probably the most interesting product in the full-size lineup, and it’s cheaper!

While the Mini has far fewer sound profiles than the special edition, it more than makes it for by being rechargeable.


Speaking of rechargeable and portable, the LectroFan Micro has saved my night in multiple noisy hotels since it became a mainstay on my packing list.


The Micro is USB-rechargeable, features a swiveling design for angling its 10 sound profiles toward you, and doubles as a portable bluetooth speaker, plus it has a 16-hour battery.


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