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If you’re addicted to smart home tech, then I’m pretty sure your dog is too. After all, dogs are reflections of their owners. You probably have deep conversations with Siri or Alexa in a fully tech-outfitted home, and your doggie doesn’t get anything? They deserve better.

This list will help you stay up-to-date with all the latest tech your best friend needs.


A Camera With Treat Tossing

Do you feel guilty about spending long hours away from your dog? Dog-friendly offices are the happiest places to work, but not everyone has the opportunity to have a four-legged co-worker. The best solution is to get the Furbo Dog Camera with treat tossing, which allows you to monitor your dog from your phone, and interact with them through its microphone. It’s a really good device for training your dog while you’re away, and to keep them distracted during the day (so they let you sleep at night). I highly recommended it for new pet parents that need to watch their furry kids so they don’t chew on the furniture. Things happen, but now you can avoid any unnecessary surprises when you get home.

LED Dog Collar
Image: Amazon

An LED Rechargeable Collar

One of the things that really freaks me out is walking my dog at night, especially when we have to cross the street and there is not that much light in the area. That’s when you need an LED rechargeable collar (for your dog to wear, not you… but nothing will stop you if you want to). You won’t have to hassle with batteries: just plug the collar into any USB port and you’ll have five hours of battery in only one charge. You can adjust the collar length by pulling the LED ties in the buckle. It’s available in six colors, and your dog’s safety will cost you less than $20.


A Smart Feeder

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget whether or not you fed your dog, or your days might get too busy and you won’t always feed them at the same time (and regular meal times are highly recommended for their diet). We’re not judging anyone here, but if this has happened to you several times already, a smart feeder will make your life much easier. This automatic pet feeder is the top seller on Amazon, and can handle up to four daily meal distributions (you can control the amount). You can even record a personal message to call your dog with your voice.


A GPS Monitor

Whistle 3
Image: Amazon

The Whistle 3 tracker uses GPS and cellular connectivity to pinpoint your dog’s location. You can attach it to the collar and monitor all their activity for 24 hours, and set up notifications to get an alert whenever your pet leaves a “safe zone” that you specify with an app. It’s like “Find My Friends,” but for dogs, and it even includes an activity monitor so you can be on top of your doggie’s health. You probably don’t think you need one of these things until you do, so why risk it? Just note that Whistle 3 requires a subscription plan for $6.95 a month for cellular connectivity.


USB LED Fountain

Keeping your dog hydrated can be tricky if they don’t like drinking from their bowls, but you can incentivize them with a fountain. The YOUTHINK pet fountain has 4.2 stars on Amazon, is super quiet, and will only cost you about $25. The fountain is super simple: it’ll attract your pet using three different water flow settings, and an LED light will allow them to see where their bowl is when they get thirsty in the middle of the night. Just remember to replace its filter every 1-2 weeks for better results. Loud noises bother you? One of its selling points is that it’s super quiet.


A Laser Toy With A Camera

Ok, now you have a camera to watch your dog 24/7 and toss treats, a GPS tracker to monitor their location at all times, and a smart feeder so they don’t starve… but they still need something else: a smart toy!


With the PetCube, both you and your dog are going to have some fun. Control a safe laser from your phone no matter where you are in the world, and watch through the camera to see how your furry kiddo plays around. The PetCube has 1080p video, a 3x zoom, and night vision. It also integrates an intercom system so you can hear what’s happening at home and make sure everything is fine. We need more smart toys in the market, and this is one of the best.

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