Sip Coffee From a New Country Every Month With a Free Bag From Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee is giving Kinja Deals readers a taste of the world in a cup of joe.

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First Bag Free | Atlas Coffee Club | Promo Code MYWORLDTOUR
First Bag Free | Atlas Coffee Club | Promo Code MYWORLDTOUR
Image: Atlas Coffee Club

First Bag Free | Atlas Coffee Club | Promo Code MYWORLDTOUR

In my review of Atlas Coffee Club for The Inventory last year, I called Atlas Coffee Club “a grand tour of destinations across the globe in roasted bean form.” Because the subscription service delivers up to two bags of coffee from a different country every month, it was the perfect remedy for a year in which international travel was off limits. While not as much has changed since then as we’d hoped, Atlas is softening the blow with a free bag of its single origin coffee for Kinja Deals readers using the promo code MYWORLDTOUR.

In the box, you can expect your bag of coffee, along with a postcard with information about each country as well as tasting notes and tips for brewing your beans. When you place your order, you can specify your roast preference—light to medium, medium to dark, or a little bit of everything. Then you pick the frequency of your deliveries, of which you have the choice between every 2 weeks and every 4 weeks. You’ll also have the option to choose your grind type: Would you rather grind your own beans or use coffee grounds? Each bag contains 12 ounces (approximately 30 cups) of coffee.

As I wrote in my review, “Atlas Coffee Club won’t solve a global health crisis so you can fast-track your next excursion, but it will inspire fantasies of what that might look like, introducing new cultures and damn good coffee to your palate along the way.”