Secure Your Home and Your Wi-Fi With Up to 28% Off the Ring Alarm Pro System

Eero combines with Ring to give you an integrated and intuitive home security and Wi-Fi system.

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Ring Alarm Pro 8-Piece System | $240 | Amazon
Ring Alarm Pro 14-Piece System | $300 | Amazon
Ring Alarm Pro With Stick Up Cam and Echo Show | $340 | Amazon

By day I may be an e-commerce writer, but by night I review technology products—specifically smart home and networking gear—and even I find DIY security systems onerous and often confusing. From convoluted subscriptions to disjointed hardware and software that integrates poorly with smart home stuff, it’s hard enough to know what to buy that for many people, just not making a decision at all or hiring out the work to an expensive security company is just easier. With the Ring Alarm Pro, which is on sale right now for up to 28% off, things get much, much simpler.

This system, which I have actually gotten to use before, is an all-in-one solution to not just your security needs, but your Wi-Fi, thanks to a built-in Eero 6 router. Because Amazon owns both, the system also integrates with Alexa, letting you use the system’s components to trigger automations and alert you when unexpected things happen in your home. It comes in three variations in this sale. First, for a 20% discount, you can get the Ring Alarm Pro 8-piece system with 4 door/window sensors, a Z-Wave extender, motion sensor, and alarm keypad, suitable for small-to-medium-size homes. For larger homes, you’ll want this 21% off 14-piece kit, which offers double the number of every piece except the Z-Wave extender. Finally, for just $340, you can pick up a variant of the 8-piece kit that adds a Ring Stick-Up Cam and an Echo Show 5. That’s only $100 more than the 8-piece system on its own, and it includes almost $200 in extra gear.

On its own, the Ring Alarm Pro is a nice home alarm system that integrates well with Amazon Alexa, so you can be notified if someone enters your house when you’re away or even when you’re home—during my time with it, I had an automation set up that would have Alexa announce when someone entered my front or back door, and it was extremely reliable. Plus, being an Eero 6 router, you can integrate it into your network if you already have Eero gear, or seamlessly add more Eero routers to the system if this is your only router and you need more coverage in your home. Each door and window sensor also functions as a motion sensor, and the system even senses smoke or detects the sound of broken glass when you use the free Alexa Guard feature. Users can also get 24/7 professional monitoring via the Ring Protect Plan, which has round-the-clock trained professionals ready to contact you—and the authorities, if needed—when a break-in occurs.

During my time with the system, I was impressed with many aspects of it, although I do believe integration between the disparate parts of the system was somewhat lacking—it’s great to have an all-in-one system like this, but it still managed to feel a little like three separate products. Still, it is the best version of a whole DIY home security system out there, and it’s on sale right now for as much as $135 off. If you’re at all concerned about home security, this may be the easiest, best way to handle it this side of pricey professional installation.