Save Up to 20% on These Smoking Cessation Tools and Then Keep Saving Money by Not Smoking

Amazon has nicotine gums and lozenges, available in up to 220-piece packages, marked down right now.

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2mg 160-piece Ice Mint Nicotine Gum | $22 | Amazon
2mg 160-piece Mint Nicotine Gum | $32 | Amazon
2mg 216-piece Mint Nicotine Lozenge | $35 | Amazon

Everyone has a different relationship and history with smoking. For me, it was starting late but going hard, eventually burning through (ha) 2 packs a day. Quitting was a 10 year process that involved books, patches, Snus—remember Snus?—e-cigarettes, and bets with friends. In the end, it took a pandemic. For you, it may only take nicotine gum, and if that’s something you haven’t tried yet, here’s an opportunity to give it a go and save money in the doing of it, with up to 20% off Amazon Basic Care nicotine gums and lozenges. The available flavors include various mints, citrus, and cherry flavors, and they range from 72-piece kits up to 220-pieces. I highlighted three here: the $22 160-piece Ice Mint gum for 12% off, a $32 cool mint variant of that for 17% off its usual price, and a 2mg, 216-piece mint lozenge for $35—that’s a 20% discount.

If my own experience is any indication, there is no guarantee that this will help you quit smoking. But quitting is, for many, a long road that involves trying a lot of different things. Plenty of studies mark gums, lozenges, inhalers, etc as no more effective than simply going cold turkey, but of course, cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone either. Turns out, everyone is different! So, don’t consider this a recommendation or prescription—but if you’re already considering using nicotine replacement therapy, here’s a way to save money on that!