Save The Planet With a Discounted Set of Reusable Glass Straws

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4-Pack Glass Straws | $7 | Amazon
4-Pack Glass Straws | $7 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

We all know that straws are the #1 issue facing the planet; this is an established fact on Twitter and I won’t hear any arguments to the contrary. So, what do we do about it? Paper straws are fine for about 15 minutes before they start disintegrating, and metal straws tend to be the default reusable option. But have you tried glass?

This four-pack of glass straws is marked down to $7 today, which is only about $1 less than usual, but you can’t put a price on saving the Earth. Functionally, they aren’t any different than metal straws, but they may be more to your personal taste.