Save 33% On This Cleaning Gel That All the Kids Now Call Slime

Getting slimed doesn't always have to be messy, it cleans too.

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Cleaning Gel | $8 | Amazon
Cleaning Gel | $8 | Amazon
Graphic: Keith Stawarz

Cleaning Gel | $8 | Amazon

Let me start by saying this cleaning gel is not only effective, it’s fun. What’s not enjoyable is when you get into your car, look around and see all these little dirt and/or crumb specks laying in extremely inconvenient crannies. This gelatinous-like buddy makes that clean-up a breeze for whatever the ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner misses. Just press your new friend in between those hard-to-reach areas, pull it out, and watch all your car cleaning dreams come true. It’s also great to clear the dust build-up from the air vents. The blue wonder works for office space clean-ups too. This product also sparks nostalgia from my childhood. Who wouldn’t love to clean with the second cousin of slime? It is such an eye-catching product. When your friends are in the car with you complaining about your music choice, you can hand them your jelly buddy to entertain them while you cruise to your favorite jams. Save $4 on Amazon now.