Save 13% On This Ninja DualBrew Coffee Maker That No Overnight Guests Could Complain About

As the name suggests, the discounted Ninja DualBrew will make coffee from grounds and pods alike.

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Ninja DualBrew Coffee Maker | $200 | Amazon

Look, it’s bad enough that you have to host guests during spring break, but do they need to complain about your coffee, too? No, they do not. Especially not if you buy the Ninja DualBrew Coffee Maker for just $200 at Amazon. This science-defying wonder will brew regular filtered coffee and coffee pods at three strengths, meaning you can produce coffee bold enough to pour immediately over ice without it losing its kick. So really, it’s more of a TripleBrew, but I’m not in their marketing department. You can select from nine (yes, nine) serving sizes and set a “keep warm” function that will last four hours. Your overnight guests can have their coffee exactly the deranged way they like it, and then be awake and happy enough to complain about something else instead. Everybody wins!

This deal was originally published by Sophy Ziss on 12/13/21 and updated on 4/4/22 with new information.