Save $170 on a 7' Christmas Tree, Fit with Lights so You Don't Have to Argue with Your Dad This Year

Fighting with your family about how to light the tree is a thing of the past.

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Charm Holiday 7' Frasier Fir Tree With Color Change Lights | $130 | Best Buy

Did you know that Christmas trees are extra expensive this year? Skip the hassle of a live tree with this perfectly distributed beauty, 57% off today. This thing is an ideal seven feet tall, with lights already placed throughout (the gifts in the photo aren’t included, though, so you’ll still have to do some holiday shopping). Change the lights to multicolor to match your Christmas vibe, or keep them a classy soft white for a traditional look. We’re not sure what a Frasier fir is (maybe the type of tree they used on the set of Frasier’s Christmas episode?), but this one looks just like a highly sought-after Fraser fir. Save $170 at Best Buy today.