Pre-Order and Save on WESN's Latest Kickstarter Knife

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The WESN Henry Titanium Slip-Joint Pocket Knife

I own far too many knives, but I’m still enamored by WESN’s latest offering. Currently on Kickstarter, the Henry Titanium Slip-Joint Pocket Knife is a classically-styled knife that’s sure to impress as your everyday carry.

Everything about this knife seems to well thought-out; the traditional slip-joint design, the stainless steel blade, the cherry wood (or titanium) handle, and the $80 starting price.


In fact, I can’t think of a better starter knife to begin a collection.

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WESN claims that this knife is versatile to handle general uses (e.g. opening letters, cutting cheese, etc.) and more niche tasks, such as carving and fishing.


Notably, this campaign is already fully-funded but you can still pledge $80 to pick up the cherry wood version (it’s projected to sell for $170+ in the future.)

While there’s always some risk when it comes to Kickstarter projects, WESN is a well-respected company with a great track record.

This campaign ends in a little more than a week. So if you’re shopping around for a new, classy EDC, it’d be smart to start here.