Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch Is Down to Just $25

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Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch | $25 | Amazon

Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch defied all my expectations, in the best and worst ways. And right now, it’s just $25 on Amazon.

When it was first announced, I thought for sure I’d play exclusively in docked mode, using my Alienware monitor, my Insignia dock and... a controversial accessory. And I was sure that the gyro feature was just a gimmick to tout how quirky the Nintendo Switch is.

Boy was I wrong. It became clear after a few rounds that docked mode was actually the worst way to experience this version of Overwatch.

As it turns out, the game looks absolutely ghastly on a big screen. All of the down-scaling Blizzard did to allow this game to run on the Switch became super obvious. Outputting to a larger display put a lot of stress on the game, and I experienced a lot of frame rate drops when there was a lot of action happening.

Many outlets, including Kotaku, say that handheld is the best way to play. But, I think the tabletop mode is the way to go. You get all the benefits of going handheld without the strain of holding the console and its delightful but not-s0-ergonomic Joy-Cons. And going this route will let you make full use of the gyro controls, which can be the ace in the hole for some players.

Here’s what you’ll need to get the best experience for Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch.

For my money, the best controller to play Overwatch on the Switch is the Pro controller, or the Sn30 Pro+. The Pro controller, like the Joy-Con, allow you to tilt to aim, which was really useful for quick movements.

If you want a cheap way to optimize your controller experience, pick up these joystick caps to raise the height of your thumb caps which can help your aim. Just be sure to pick the right ones; Skull & Co. makes them for both Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller.

The Nintendo Switch packs a built-in stand and while it’s super convenient, it’s not very good. It only offers one angle and it feels super flimsy. I’ve been using this affordable first-party charging stand for the past week, and it’s great.

But if you want a step up from the vanilla Nintendo Switch charging stand, this one by Hori adds two USB hubs to use with wired controllers or an Ethernet adapter. While it’s branded for the Switch Lite, it’ll work with a standard Switch.

Overwatch, the best version of it at least, is a co-operative multiplayer game which relies on perfect coordination. While that’s hard to find at the lower tiers of play, it’s essential to be successful at the game.

And luckily for players, you won’t need to do some weird app-based comms for Overwatch thanks to the game’s baked in communications.

For shooters, headsets are best since they’ll isolate you enough to hear sound cues and where they are in relation to you.