Nurture Your Inner Germaphobe and Never Touch Anything Again With These Antimicrobial Keychain Tools

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Antimicrobial No-Touch Keychain Tools | $9 | SideDeal

It’s actually called Mysophobia if we want to be scientific about it. But not one of us isn’t more conscious about what we touch or don’t want to touch, washing our hands and using hand sanitizer regularly. These aren’t bad things. SideDeal wants to take it a step further with 82% off these no-touch keychain tools.

Now that you’ve mastered not touching your face, these keychains can help you with not touching anything else. The antimicrobial metal kills bacteria to aid in keeping your hands cleaner. Just think of everything you have to touch: door hooks, keypads at checkouts, elevator buttons, and everything gross at the gas station. This handy little tool is now your savior. It’s small enough to have in your pocket, so no excuse for not bringing it with you. It also works as a bottle opener which is a nice extra feature. Get this two-pack for just $9 and share one with a friend.

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