Rumpl has been making the best camping blankets for going on five years now. Their latest offering, the Sherpa Puffy, is pretty much the coziest thing ever.

The Sherpa Puffy is one side ridiculously silky nylon, one side ridiculously soft sherpa fleece. This is a very warm blanket, and available in one and two-person sizing, though the Buffalo Check pattern is a one-person sizing exclusive.


The Sherpa Puffy comes with built-in tie straps that pack in to a hidden pocket, which is also a great place to store valuables and incidentals in a pinch. The whole thing is machine washable.

As with Rumpl’s other blankets, the Sherpa Puffy is not ultralight, and not packable. Rumpl’s products continue to be very much targeted at cabins and car camping, or in this case, at being the new throw blanket on my living room couch.