Never Feel Apart From Your Best Friend With the Furbo Dog Camera at 46% Off

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Furbo Dog Camera | $134 | Amazon
Furbo Dog Camera | $134 | Amazon
Photo: Daryl Baxter

Furbo Dog Camera | $134 | Amazon

There may be a situation that requires you to be out of the house for a long period of time for the day, and you may be worried as to what your dog will be doing while you’re gone.

This is where the Furbo Dog Camera comes in. It streams live video direct to your phone, and if they bark, you get sent notifications of this so you can look at the stream to see why they may be barking away.

However the real treat here is the treat-dispenser. This will probably make the Furbo your dog’s best friend, as you can either use the app to dispense a treat, or even use Alexa.

At $115 off it’s a very useful device that can make sure you can keep one eye open on your smartphone, for when they may be barking at the mailman, or if you want to reward them with a treat.