Missed Mother's Day? Get Mom What She Really Wants: Some Martha Stewart CBD Drops and Gummies

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Martha Stewart CBD Citrus Bundle | $100 | Canopy
Martha Stewart CBD Citrus Bundle | $100 | Canopy
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Martha Stewart CBD Citrus Bundle | $100 | Canopy

Martha Stewart is apparently making CBD now. I had no idea this was a thing—though I hear she and Snoop Dog are tight... so it kind of makes sense that she’d be cool with the devil’s lettuce, right?

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it basically is the part of marijuana that helps you feel a bit chilled and relaxed, but doesn’t contain any THC— the part that makes you get high. Now that Martha Stewart’s making it (as of 2020— I guess I was a little distracted by other things at the time and missed the news!) it really feels more mainstream than ever— why not try some yourself? Or get some for your mom even!?

CBD is something I’d recommend trying in different forms (usually gummies and drops, but you can also find it in smokeable flower form from some providers) and at different doses and times of day to see what works best for you. I like it in the morning if I’m feeling stressed or anxious, but it is also great before bed.

For a simple starting point, why not grab this Martha Stewart CBD Citrus Bundle for $99? You get two bottles of CBD oil drops (in orange and lemon) and a thing of citrus medley gummies with that— a pretty good deal and enough CBD to last you maybe even through the summer (or longer for some!).