Microsoft's Xbox Series X Controller Is $20 off, So Even PC Gamers Can Pretend They Have a Next-Gen Console

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Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black, Robot White) | $40 | Amazon
Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black, Robot White) | $40 | Best Buy
Xbox Wireless Controller (Robot White) | $40 | Walmart

I am a lone wolf. In the Kinja Deals Slack, I am one of the last people remaining to not own a next-gen console. Do I want a PS5 or Xbox Series X? Not necessarily, but the FOMO of not having one is giving me hives. So last week, I set out on a mission. I was going to buy the new Xbox controller to use with my PC. Because shipping would take too long on Amazon (go figure lol), I placed my order on and patiently awaited its arrival. From there, I overclocked my GPU, paired this bad boy to my Xbox Wireless Adapter (not required but essential if you don’t want to wrestle with Bluetooth), and bumped Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to its highest settings in gorgeous 4K HDR 60fps on my decent 65" Vizio M Series TV. And just like that, I experienced next-gen gaming.

Now the controller I paid $60 for is on sale for $40 (Walmart, Best Buy), because fuck me, right? I could have spent that $20 on anything. 20 packs of four chicken nuggets at McDonald’s. A Thanksgiving turkey. A holiday tree. MORE Assassin’s Creed games. And yet, here I am, swindled yet again. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Us PC gamers have to look out for each other in times like this. And also Xbox One players I guess, since Microsoft’s latest is forward compatible with its last-gen systems as well. Get your hands on the closest thing you’ll get to the Xbox Elite Series 2 in this price range. Hybrid D-pad, textured grips, custom button mapping, the gang’s all here.