Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Is Back in Stock at Best Buy for $100

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit | $100 | Best Buy

While I may be a bit too old to play an AR toys-to-life Mario Kart game, the Nintendo kid in me is ecstatic it exists. Mario Kart is such a meaningful part of my life I almost skipped my high school graduation to play Mario Kart 8 for Wii U the day it came out. Hell, I bought a Wii U for that game and still don’t regret it. Now you can share your love for Mario Kart with your little ones, complete with real-life courses they can customize around the house, in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. On-screen and off, karts are affected by environmental damage. Run into a mushroom and watch as toy Mario soars past his big bro. Get hit by a shell and real-life Mario will slow down as he does in the game.

Back in stock at Best Buy, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a novelty you’ll want to experience, and it comes out today for Nintendo Switch. As pre-orders were largely out of stock at most retailers for a while now, it comes a surprise it’s available at Best Buy on day one. But don’t miss out and grab a set while you still can. You never know when it’ll sell out yet again.