Make a Splash With Bio Bidet Attachment Savings at Amazon

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Bio Bidet SlimEdge Bidet Toilet Attachment | $32 | Amazon
Bio Bidet SlimTwist Bidet Toilet Attachment | $35 | Amazon

If you’ve been curious about getting a bidet attachment for your toilet but didn’t want to splash out a lot of cash for that extra clean, here’s a bargain for you. Right now, Amazon is offering up to 13% off a pair of the popular Bio Bidet models, with the SlimEdge attachment selling for less than $32 and the SlimTwist attachment at just $35.

Both are easy-to-install, non-electric attachments to your current toilet, providing a cleaning blast of water while you’re finishing up. These two models seem largely identical, with the difference of an options dial on the SlimEdge and a more nuanced twist control on the SlimTwist. The discount isn’t huge on either model right now, but Bio Bidet’s devices are already well-priced and have strongly positive customer reviews.