Live Blog: The Best Prime Day Lightning Deals

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You’ll surely be able to log on at any point during Amazon’s 48 hour Prime Day event to find some great deals. But hundreds, if not thousands of the best discounts will only be available in limited quantities, and for a period of six hours or less.

These Lightning Deals often feature best-ever prices, but distressingly low quantities, meaning by the time you’ve decided to press that Buy Button, they’re already gone. So rather than sort through the full deluge of deals (which is sure to feature some doozies like a $16 $2 bill and a four-film Adam Sandler Collection box set), keep this tab pinned to your browser, and we’ll keep it updated with the Lightning Deals that are actually worth your money. We’ll be posting all of the best Lightning deals to our Twitter account as well, if you’d prefer to stay up to date that way. Good luck, and may the deal gods be with you this Prime Day season.