Don’t Spend Valentine’s Day Alone. Join Lelo and The Inventory for a Week of Self-Love

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Up To 80% off Sex Toys | Lelo

Smell that? Probably not if you’re wearing a mask like you’re supposed to. Love is in the air, and even though it’s unfortunately sharing precious O2 real estate with a highly contagious virus this year, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But unless you lucky enough to already have a relationship (or more of a casual thing) going before the pandemic started, it’s been an extremely difficult year for everyone else. Not seeing your friends is hard enough, but the deprivation of intimacy must be damn near torture.

That’s why we at The Inventory have partnered with Lelo, the world’s leading brand for adult lifestyle products—you know, SEX TOYS. Through the end of the week, not only is Lelo offering up to 80% off its vibrators, rings, and cutting-edge sex tech, but it’s also sponsoring an entire week’s worth of big beautiful content from your favorite writers and editors at this website.

Self-Love Week, as coined by Ignacia, is a 7-day celebration of YOU. Just because you don’t have a Valentine this year doesn’t mean you can’t buy nice stuff for yourself. It’s called self-care and I highly recommend it. Just like the themed weeks we’ve done in the past, you can expect plenty of deep discounts on Valentine’s Day gifts from a variety of brands on Kinja Deals. On our homepage, you’ll find everything from video game OTPs to interviews with sex tech experts to full-on gift guides. All you have to do is sit back, prop your legs up, and treat yourself to a little retail therapy.