It's Not Quite Sonic, but this Screwdriver Does Recharge Over USB

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All tools should be rechargeable using standard inputs, to say nothing of the fact that nine-volt batteries shouldn’t exist. You probably use a screwdriver more than any other tool, so get yourself a versatile, electric one.

I’ve been using the Hammerhead 4V Lithium Rechargeable Screwdriver for years. It’s by no means the only rechargeable screwdriver, but much of the competition leaves out the USB part of the recharging equation. I’m also a fan of the straight form factor, which is useful for working in smaller spaces, and gives you more leeway to add manual torque when needed.

In addition to coming with a set of bits and including a work light, the Hammerhead also includes a wire stripper and bender, and the ability to detect live wires with the push of a button.