Meet Ponto, The Work-Leisure Shoe Designed For Comfort

Shoes for when you venture out into the world and want to be comfortable.

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Ponto Footwear
Ponto Footwear
Image: Ponto Footwear

Designed for when the outside world calls you but comfort also calls you, Ponto has created the work-leisure shoe. Ponto is all about mindful—in a thoughtful sense, and in the way they use recycled and bio-based materials. Their eco-consciousness extends past the typical greenwashing, and instead is motivated by a conscious consumerism: products that are high quality and low impact. The bottoms of Ponto’s shoes are a sugarcane-based foam (comfortable) and the body is constructed with recycled leather (eco-friendly). Plus, Ponto Footwear are comfortable, timeless, and can be styled for comfort of your neighborhood, the office, and beyond. Looks like work, wears like leisure, connects you to the planet.